Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Floral Skirts and Pearls!

So anyone who knows me as a fashion designer, I am a huge lover of full-circle skirts! I made this one for a wedding I went to and finally got the opportunity to wear it again last night as my love and I had a very special night that included an amazing happy hour at Willie G's downtown Denver! It was lovely! In terms of the outfit I finished it off with my favourite necklace from Fashion Crimes! I bought this piece when I worked there years ago and finally wore it for the first time yesterday! It was the perfect piece to finish the look! Also, I'm very proud of myself as it was the first time I curled my hair thanks to some help from this little post on (! Not bad for my first attempt! Enjoy!


  1. Cute look! really like the floral skirt and necklace

    x Cammie

  2. Wow, you did that skirt? It looks like a designer piece, love it.Great statement pearl necklace, I am such a sucker when it comes to pearls as they add that feminie touch to each outfit.
    Also love your wavy hair, so pretty :-)


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