Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lady Love Day!

Hiiiii Friends!! Oh my gosh it's been a long time, just looking at the date of my last post it's been almost a year! I almost gave up on it all together but have been getting a lot of emails regarding co-operations so I guess it's not dead yet! 

Anyways, today is a day people seem to absolutely love, hate or loathe entirely. I think I've been on all of those levels on some level at some point. This year I decided it was going to be different. I'm going to love it!! I'm going to treat myself well all day (even though I have a ton of work to do).
It's a day that's overrated on the idea of waiting for someone else to do something for you, whether it's a small gesture or a gigantic romantic plan....we're always waiting on someone else to make us feel great on this day and always wind up disappointed. SO forget the disappointment. Do those cute things you want others to do for you, for yourself!! Here's a mix of thing's I'm doing for myself today and things I think would be a great idea! As I said, this day only has 24 hours and I am working a bunch! So let's begin....

1). FLOWERS!! Buy yourself some beautiful flowers! I'm a flower child and I never treat myself to them enough! Every time I say I'm going to buy them I wimp out thinking $20 on flowers for myself is a waste of money as they'll die in a couple days but this year I did it! I bought three bunches and even spent the time to arrange them myself! Not only are they super pretty and smell wonderful but I had a great time putting it together!!

2). NAILS!! Girl, treat yo' self and go get your nails done. Get some gels and get something ridiculously cute....cause why not!? If you're going to ever go cutesy, today is the day! Get some hearts and sparkles. Try and find a nail place that serves some bubbles while you're getting them done too...double duty treat yo' self moment if so! Trust me, you'll thank yourself for this! It's worth the $$!

 3). TREAT YO' SELF!! Buy something racy and lacy for yourself! Make yourself feel hot, not for someone else but just for you! Those fancy things don't need to always be for someone else to see! Check out Adore Me! This if one of my fav's for lacy things! Their stuff is super cute and crazy affordable! If it's your first purchase with them you get a crazy good discount too!! A must check out for sure! 

4). ROMANTIC SOLO DATE! Bubbly and dinner....make sure you buy yourself some fancy cocktails and either make yourself a great dinner or take yourself out! Or of course...Galentines day has become quite the "thing"! Get some gal pals together and go have a great night out! I was lucky, one of my favorite bands from when I was younger is in Denver tonight and I'm treating myself to a solo date night and a show! 

5). TUNES!! Last but no least....I'm blasting this album all day while I work and am having a nice little dance party all day! I highly suggest giving it a listen! Cute, a little romantic and a little dancy! If that doesn't float your boat though...grab your fav. album and blast it! Have your own little dance party! Check it out here: BORNS - Dopamine 

Whatever you do today...treat yo' self! Love yourself! Do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel loved today! Don't wait around for someone else to "maybe" do something for you....that can only lead to disappointment and to hating a day that should be filled with nothing but cuteness!!
Enjoy this day guys! Your mindset towards it is everything, change it and make it magical! xoxo

Monday, February 29, 2016

Business Casual!

Hey friends!! Just wanted to share a quick little Monday morning post sharing a little business casual look! This look is comfy-casual while still keeping it a little business friendly! 
The pencil skirt is nice and stretchy, a comfy t-shirt covered with my favorite boyfriend blazer and a handbag that has a great little pop of color!
Hope this inspires your 9-5 work closet a little! Keep your work closet fun and fresh! Professional doesn't have to be boring anymore! :)
Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to take on this week! Make it great!
Love you all, thank you for following along!

Floral Pencil Skirt - Forever 21 (Similar found HERE)
Wifey Tee - ILY Couture (Found HERE)
Blazer - Vintage (Similar found HERE)
Pumps - H&M (Similar found HERE)
Handbag - JustFab (Similar found HERE)
Sunnies - Amazon (Found HERE

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Plaid + Bows!

Hey friends!! Just wanted to share a quick little outfit post....all of these pieces are a little older in my closet but they are definitely a couple of my fav's! The shirt is easy to wear with jeans, as a dress or as a shirt or even over leggings....it's very versatile! The blanket scarf....let's face it we've all seen it everywhere and there's a reason for it! It's just so cute and cozy! 

I am super pumped! Our move date is just under two weeks away and I have got a million things to work on these days before we move! Eeeeeps! I am so excited but so overwhelmed right now! I am looking forward to two months from now when I can get back on some sort of normal schedule! I dream of simplicity and routine! ....For a little while at least! :)
Hope you are all doing well! Thank you all for following along! I love you all! 

Shirt - H&M (Similar found HERE)
Jeans - Old Navy Rock Star Skinnies (Found HERE)
Bag - Forever 21 (Similar found HEREHERE)
Shoes - H&M (Similar found HERE)
Scarf - Sheinside (Found HERE)
Sunnies - Amazon (Found HERE)


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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love Day! Be My Valentine!

Hey friends!! Just wanted to wish you all a very happy love day!
Hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating love. Love your friends, family, significant other or yourself today! Just celebrate the joy that love is! Make it a great one!
Be my Valentine?! :)

Dress - Forever 21 (Similar found HERE & HERE)
Sweatshirt - H&M (Similar found HERE)
Red Pumps - Guess (Similar found HERE)
Sunnies - Amazon (Found HERE)

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Boyfriend Sweater!

Hey friends!! Just sharing a quick little outfit post...and a very comfy look at that!
This look is nothing but comfy and cozy! This sweater is one of my absolute favorites! The fabric is like butter, it's so soft! And who doesn't love an oversized sweater?! Amazing!
Sometimes, comfort just trumps style!
Does anyone remember these socks from American Apparel!? They were all the rage in my early 20's and now I feel like I'm back to wearing them all the time.
They're warm and comfy, perfect for these cold months and great for layering with boots.

Things definitely haven't settled down on this end. I am busier than ever. To the point where I can barely keep my eyes open by the time 9pm rolls around every night! It's crazy!
AND it's going to get even busier! A big step for my husband and I (no, not a baby) and I just started another new business which I can't wait to tell you about! Keep your eyes peeled for it....I'll be making these announcements soon! :)
Thank you all so much for following along! I love you all! 

Sweater - Wanderlust Boutique *Only $55!!* (Found HERE)
Leggings - Aritzia (Found HERE)
Socks - American Apparel (Found HERE)
Boots - Steve Madden (Found HERE)
Hat - Small Bouique in Elora (Similar found HERE)
Sunnies - Amazon (Found HERE)
Bag - Forever 21 (Similar found HERE)

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hot Pink!

Hey friends!! Finally! An outfit post! Hooray! My gosh, busy doesn't even begin to describe my life these days! BUT I am super excited about things. I have two jobs keeping me on my toes while I work on building my business up and also get ready to buy our first home! Getting myself financially prepped for a lot of big adult leaps!
I am also so close to becoming a Rodan + Fields consultant! Why?! Because I'm so over having skin that is awesome for a week and then flawed for another three. I am going to learn about it as I go  and consult about what I've learned along the way! I may even start some youtube reviews so you guys can hear about my experience!
Super excited about everything right now and even more excited to be working towards my dream of being my own boss full-time and create some awesome positions for fellow individuals who are working towards the same thing! If any of you want to hear about it or have questions just send me a personal e-mail! :)
Anyways, hope you like the look and that it inspires you a little! I am needing some color in my life these days while I await the arrival of Spring! I am over winter entirely! 
Thank you all so much for following along! Love you all!

Sweater - Wanderlust Boutique *Only $45!!*  (Found HERE)
Leggings - Aritzia (Found HERE)
Boots - Walmart (Similar found HERE)
Hat - H&M (Similar found HERE)
Scarf - H&M (Similar found HERE)
Wristlet - Nordstrom Rack (Similar found HERE)
Sunnies - Nordstrom (Found HERE)

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Pink + Leopard!

Hey friends! I've been SO sick this past week. Every time I would try to get my act together to put a post together, I would just throw my pj's back on and crawl into bed! Womp womp!
Sometimes, you just have to listen to your body and rest!
I still haven't kicked this thing yet but I was able to get this look together for you! Simple and still fun. The jacket is just a fun pop to make it a little more interesting!
We have another pop-up shop happening tomorrow and we're super excited about it! I can't wait to get over this flu so I can back on track with my intense work schedule and get things on track for the boutique! Big plans and a silly flu in the way! 
Hope you are all doing well! Thanks as always for following along! Love you all! :)

Bag - Wanderlust Boutique  (Found HERE)
Jacket - Sheinside (Similar found HERE)
Jeans - Old Navy Rock Star Skinnies *On SALE now* (Found HERE)
Scarf - Forever 21 (Similar found HERE)
Pumps - H&M (Similar found HERE)
Sunnies - Amazon (Found  HERE)

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