Monday, June 29, 2015

Stars and Stripes Style!

Hey friends! Oh my gosh I can't believe it's almost July...AAAAHHH!! Is anyone else feeling that way?! Or is it just me because our wedding is 6 weeks away! Eeeeps! Craziness! Anyways, I felt like I needed a good post to share some awesome finds for the 4th of July! Stars and stripes, red, white and blue is always the way to go! 
So I found some great pieces to help you create the best look or at least inspire your outfit! Hope it helps you out a little! Keep checking back this week...I'll have a couple of my own outfits that I'll be sharing with you too! :)

1). Bikini Found HERE
2). Sunnies Found HERE
3). Plaid Crop Top Found HERE
4). Blue Pumps Found HERE
5). Red Plaid Dress Found HERE
6). Backpack Found HERE
7). White Summer Dress Found HERE

8). Blue Two Piece Dress Found HERE
9). Red Pumps Found HERE
10). Overalls Found HERE
11). Star Printed Converse Found HERE
12). Flag Printed Sweater Found HERE
13). Star Printed Headwrap Found HERE
14). Red and White Striped Dress Found HERE

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wedding Workout Routine!

Hey guys!! So I've been wanting to share this with you for a while now. I've always been really active but I wanted to get a little more toned for the big day! Besides being a runner and my love for hot yoga I was kind of clueless in terms of gaining some more muscle tone. I added random rounds of pushups and situps to my routine but wasn't really getting the results I wanted. So after following Kayla Itsines on facebook and instagram for a while and seeing all of these results other women were getting using her guides, I decided to buy the workout program.

At first, I was burning myself out between her guide, my running routine and yoga. I had to re-evaluate what I was doing. I was loving the guide and totally seeing some results. So for the past little while I have strictly been doing her guide which is a Monday/Wednesday/Friday kind of deal. Which is working out way less than I think I ever have before but was still seeing the results I wanted! So, so awesome! I am about ready to reincorporate running back into my routine and yoga I throw in there every once in a while. Because, let's face it....every bride-to-be needs some "her" time to de-stress and yoga definitely does that for me.

In terms of diet, I'm not doing anything crazy. I want to be healthy and feel great for our wedding and I already feel like I eat pretty healthy. The only thing I'm trying to do is eat lots of veggies and limit my sugar intake, which is somewhat hard because I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth! But the biggest thing I've been learning since starting this workout guide is why fill yourself with empty calories after you've just worked out so hard?! Completely defeats the purpose! 
So for any of those looking for a great workout challenge and get some great results, I definitely suggest giving her guide a try! It's fantastic! :)

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pops of Color!

Hey guys!! Finally an outfit post! I'm still struggling with my computer so putting posts together has been much more difficult than usual! 
It's been a busy couple of weeks too! 
I had my first pop-up shop with my boutique which was a great success and I can't wait to continue doing more around Denver and working on growing my little business!
This dress is from the boutique too!! It's a piece I love! It's what I like to call "easy fashion" something that is comfy and easy to throw on and still look great without a ton of effort!
Hope the look inspires you a little! Enjoy!

Dress - Wanderlust Boutique (Found HERE)
Shoes - Vintage Nordstrom (Similar found HERE)
Bag - Forever 21 (Similar found HERE)
Sunnies - Amazon (Found HERE)
Earrings - H&M (Similar found HERE)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Preparation!

Hey friends!! So I'm back from my Birthday trip in Santa Fe and it was amaaaazing! So relaxing! I am of course right back to the grind and felt like those three days of rest and relaxation never happened! Go figure! I am also back to a broken computer! My poor mac had to be deleted and I have to re-install everything manually as my time machine backup just puts the same problem back on over and over! It's a nightmare! I can't find any of my files or pictures and all my programs are gone. I feel so lost! 

Anyways, today I am here to share with you how I prep myself for summer! I have teamed up with Madison Reed, a hair dye company that gives you a salon-quality look at home, to share with you all my tips on how to get ready for that hot-hot season!

1). Pedicure!
Yes ladies, it's that time! I usually don't get pedicures done in the winter. I keep things clean and tidy but I don't really go all out until spring/summer when your feet are really on display! When I do, I usually go for bright and bold colors on my toes! I always like to splurge for anything they suggest that will make my feet feel extra soft like a paraffin wax treatment! :)

2). Highlights!
So, I am naturally blonde but I like to accentuate that and go a lot lighter in the summer! I love highlighting as it's really natural looking and grows out really easily as it's not a solid, bold chunk of color! Lighter and brighter is always fun for summer. If you are debating changing your color for this season but aren't sure what to do, check out this site on Madison Reed, it might inspire you a little:

3). Sunscreen!
By now I'm sure you all have realized I'm all about keeping my skin healthy and happy! Let's face it, we are all getting older everyday and keeping your skin looking young and great is pretty important! Part of that process is sunscreen! When I was younger I loved tanning in the summer but now I try and avoid the sun like the plague. A small dose of vitamin D is okay but there are just too many health risks involved with soaking up too much sun! I have started to load on the sunscreen! Every season I like to try out new ones and see what works the best with my skin! It's always about finding what works best for you!

4). Hair Removal!
I am very lucky to have blonde hair. Most of the hair on my arms and legs are pretty light but I'm still all about hair removal. If I could be bald all areas aside from my head, I'd be a happy camper. I am also pretty lazy when it comes to this subject too. I don't like to shave, it takes too much time and effort. So I have made the switch over to waxing and laser hair removal. It's effective and lasts a lot longer! Laser hair removal can be fairly expensive but I always look through groupon for great deals and have found some great stuff!

5). Workout Routine!
I am always working out. Between running, yoga, etc. I am a busy bee and love to stay in shape. In the summertime with short-shorts, tank tops and bathing suit time we always like to stay a little more fit which is sometimes hard to do with all those BBQ's and sugary summer cocktails so I've recently added another level of workout to my plan! The Bikini Body Guide from Kayla Itsines! I've had great results so far but I do warn you, it is insanely hard and definitely takes hard work and dedication! Check it out right here: 

6). Summer Wardrobe Essentials!
There are a few things I am always needing through the summer when it comes to wardrobe and accessories! I need a big floppy summer hat, a sun umbrella, a big beach bag in a cute print that will match everything, some great sunnies and a comfy simple pair of flip flops! 

Hope this list has helped you think of some ways you can help prep yourself for summer and that you all have some great plans for this season!! 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Birthday Wish!

Hey Friends!! So today is my Birthday! I will be spending a good chunk of the day in a car driving to Santa Fe! It has been a long time since my fiance and I have taken a trip together that was purely for our own enjoyment! All of our trips lately have been family obligations which is always amazing but sometimes you just need a little "us" time! 

I have one Birthday wish that maybe you all can help me with! I am currently working on becoming better/more interesting on Instagram! It is a social media tool that like everything, just takes practice! 
I am hoping to reach 1000 followers for my Birthday! I am so close I can almost taste it! Please, oh please help me make my wish come true! Follow me, share with your friends, etc.! I will love you forever and ever! 

Also, you will want to follow me on Instagram especially this weekend as you will follow my road trip to Santa Fe which will be an amazing time! :)
Hope you all have a great weekend! 
Follow me on Instagram right here:

Outfit Details:
Top - American Apparel (Found HERE)
Skirt - I made (Similar found HERE & HERE)
Shoes - Vince Camuto (Similar found HERE)
Sunnies - Amazon (Found HERE)

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Little 90's!

Hey friends! So I bought this kimono from go figure....DSW?! Who knew you could find awesome clothing from that place! I love many great colors and a perfect layering piece for summer! 

I already shared a post on this subject but I love platform sandals for this summer....they have such a great vintage 90's feel to them too...they're amazing! I bought these ones from JustFab and they are super comfy and at such a great price point too! You can't go wrong with them!

I felt like this entire outfit had an underlying 90's feel to it...tweek a couple things or add some trendy 90's jewelry and I'd be right back there! Hope you like the look! 

A couple things to Birthday is creeping up super soon! It's this Friday! Keep your eyes peeled for a Birthday post as well as follow me along on Instagram as we're going on a road trip to Santa Fe! Yaaaaay! :)

Shoes - JustFab (Similar found  HERE)
Kimono - Steve Madden Via. DSW (Same one found HERE)
Tank Top - Forever 21
Shorts - PacSun (Similar found HERE)
Bag - Nordstrom (Similar found HERE)
Sunnies - Amazon (Found HERE)

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Retro Red!

Hey friends!! Hope you are all doing well! These weeks just keep getting busier and busier! We are now down to a double digit countdown on our wedding and I can definitely feel the intensity rising! I keep trying to stay relaxed and enjoy it but it seriously feels like it's taking over my life!
I'm sure those who have been through the big wedding thing already know exactly what I'm going through! I'm also to the point where I'm kind of over it too which doesn't help in the fact that I stil have a ton to do!
Anyways...enough wedding rant!
Here's a little outfit from the other day! I've always been obsessed with a good full skirt but it's been more of an intense obsession as of late! 
Hope this little look inspires you a little! Have a wonderful weekend!

Skirt - I made! (Similar found HEREHERE and HERE)
Shirt - Forever 21 (Similar found HERE and HERE)
Shoes - Guess (Similar found HERE and HERE)
Bag - Forever 21 (Similar found HERE)
Sunnies - Amazon (Found HERE)

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