Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ZNU Giveaway!!

Hey everyone!! So, awesome news! I am doing a giveaway with ZNU!! Do you remember that outfit I shared wearing that off the shoulder white dress a couple posts ago?! That was from ZNU! This company is great and I love everything on their site....it's super cute and very affordable! 
I'm giving away another piece from their new arrivals! The blue and white romper that is pictured below! So cute and perfect for summer!
In order to enter you're going to have lots of options and for each one you choose to do, all you have to do is leave a comment saying which one you've completed and your e-mail address! The more times you enter, the greater the chance you have to win!! :)

Here are your options for entering:
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I had to share a couple other amazing pieces from ZNU!!

1). Lace Top: Found HERE
2). Lace Cover Up: Found HERE
3). Off The Shoulder Dress: Found HERE
4). Navy Dress: Found HERE
5). Off the Shoulder Top White: Found HERE

 photo Signoff_zps119533a8.jpg


  1. Love this navy dress. xx

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    When is the giveaway ends?

  4. Loving this!


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  5. lovely giveaway!!
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  8. So many beautiful pieces! Good luck with the giveaway girl
    Dresses & Denim

  9. I need to check them out.Those pieces are exactly my style! Beautiful!

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  19. This is so cute!

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