Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olive & Coral

So I am finally somewhat set-up in Denver! Since being here I feel like I have been living in lounge clothing or painting gear as I've been putting in a ton of work into our apartment and have officially painted every square inch! Today's outfit is definitely nothing too crazy special but its the nicest thing I feel I've put on in a while! I can't wait to finish unpacking my wardrobe so I have all my good stuff back in rotation! By then hopefully I'll be back posting on the regular! This outfit has a few pops of coral on my toes and lips! Olive and coral is definitely a combo I've been loving lately! After my own outfit I have a couple other great coral and olive combinations to check out! Enjoy!
Also, A big thank you to my lovely boyfriend who is my new photographer! He did a wonderful job and can't wait to continue shooting with him!

1 comment:

  1. Adrienne, that is such a great colour combo that I didn't think of. I think I need to cooperate it into my fall wardrobe :-) Thank you for that inspiration :-)

    <3 Ani


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