Thursday, December 24, 2015

Holiday Movie Night!

Hey friends!! I'm back! Our honeymoon was amazing and it's taken some time to really get back to real life. I will definitely be posting a "need to do/see" of Tulum because trust me, everyone needs to check this place out. It's beeeeeautiful and so peaceful!

However, today I'm talking about my perfect holiday movie night which was inspired by Casper!! They asked me what my essentials list was for the perfect movie night which was SO easy for me to put together because lets face it....a good movie around the holidays is always in order and I had already been planning mine already! Whether it's with your family, your true love or in my case, my puppies... a relaxing movie night is always in order after a ton of running around getting ready for the 25th! :)

So first of here is my checklist:

1). My holiday movie of choice these days is "Just Friends" with Amy Smart, Ryan Reynolds and Anna Ferris! It's by no means a "classic" Christmas movie but I love it and think it's hilarious! It has been my go-to for the past couple years! A very close runner up is "The Grinch" ....not the cartoon one but the Jim Carrey one! The story is classic and heartwarming but I think it's the over the top costumes and sets that really do it for me! I've always loved it! Not the mention, Jim Carrey plays a hilarious Grinch! 

2). My next essential for a great holiday movie night is a big comfy blanket and my cute little fluff ball puppies to snuggle with! I am currently drooling over every faux-fur throw from Restoration Hardware! Seriously, check out everything from their faux-fur collection here: Faux Fur Collection! I am really wanting the grey and the white ones you can find right here: Faux Fur Throw

3). Next up, you of course need a snack for your holiday movie night! My favorite is air popped popcorn that you can dress up with whatever seasonings you love! I usually smother mine in a mixture of olive oil, vegan butter, pink Himalayan sea salt and nutritional yeast! 
To drink, I love home made hot chocolate with coconut milk, real coco powder and brown sugar made on the stove top! Make it a little more fun by spiking it with a little Baileys too! Yum!!

4). Last but not least, I really like to set the mood! Even if I'm just doing a movie night on my own I still like to make it romantic! I like to light a bunch of candles around the room! Always in vanilla scent of course! I usually like the Yankee candles in "Christmas cookie" or "vanilla cupcake" but lately I've been buying vanilla scented pillar candles from Michaels Arts & Crafts which I love too! I always love my house smelling sweet and inviting and I think Vanilla definitely does the trick! 

Hope this little post has inspired your holiday movie night!! Be sure to check out Casper because let's face it....a comfy cozy holiday night isn't right without a perfectly comfy mattress to snuggle up on! Check out a little more about them right here:

Love you all!! Have a very happy holiday season!

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