Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Clothing Swap + Product Swap!

Hey friends! I wanted to have an outfit post for you all today but we woke up to a ton of fresh snow this morning so going outside for photo shoot didn't seem so appealing! It was freezing! 

So I had to change it up... I've had this thought for some time now but figured I should share 
it so that it becomes a "thing"! 
We've all been to clothing swaps, right!?  They're great! What about along side clothing swaps we also start including product swaps?!
Ladies, let's face it...we all buy tons of products to test out and try! See what works for us and what doesn't and all of our products change over the time of our life too and our products seem to change with us! 
What this leaves us with is a surplus of unused and untouched products scattered throughout our bedrooms and bathrooms cluttering up space. I have thrown out more products than I know what to do with so wouldn't a product exchange alongside a clothing exchange be a great idea?! 
Products that may not work for you may be just the perfect thing for your best bud!  
So how about we stop wasting so many products and start including products in our clothing exchanges?!
Cause let's face it....we've all seen our cabinets and counters look like this....

And yes, these are currently my products. I need to clear out and organize big time!! Yikes!
Anyways, hope this idea inspires you a little!! Hope you are all having a great week!
On a super warm and happy note, my husband and I just booked our honeymoon to Tulum!! Yay!! You guys better start following me on Instagram so you can follow the journey! We're one month away! :)
Thanks so much for following along, love you all!

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  1. i need to organize all my products..but for me it's very difficult


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