Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Preparation!

Hey friends!! So I'm back from my Birthday trip in Santa Fe and it was amaaaazing! So relaxing! I am of course right back to the grind and felt like those three days of rest and relaxation never happened! Go figure! I am also back to a broken computer! My poor mac had to be deleted and I have to re-install everything manually as my time machine backup just puts the same problem back on over and over! It's a nightmare! I can't find any of my files or pictures and all my programs are gone. I feel so lost! 

Anyways, today I am here to share with you how I prep myself for summer! I have teamed up with Madison Reed, a hair dye company that gives you a salon-quality look at home, to share with you all my tips on how to get ready for that hot-hot season!

1). Pedicure!
Yes ladies, it's that time! I usually don't get pedicures done in the winter. I keep things clean and tidy but I don't really go all out until spring/summer when your feet are really on display! When I do, I usually go for bright and bold colors on my toes! I always like to splurge for anything they suggest that will make my feet feel extra soft like a paraffin wax treatment! :)

2). Highlights!
So, I am naturally blonde but I like to accentuate that and go a lot lighter in the summer! I love highlighting as it's really natural looking and grows out really easily as it's not a solid, bold chunk of color! Lighter and brighter is always fun for summer. If you are debating changing your color for this season but aren't sure what to do, check out this site on Madison Reed, it might inspire you a little:

3). Sunscreen!
By now I'm sure you all have realized I'm all about keeping my skin healthy and happy! Let's face it, we are all getting older everyday and keeping your skin looking young and great is pretty important! Part of that process is sunscreen! When I was younger I loved tanning in the summer but now I try and avoid the sun like the plague. A small dose of vitamin D is okay but there are just too many health risks involved with soaking up too much sun! I have started to load on the sunscreen! Every season I like to try out new ones and see what works the best with my skin! It's always about finding what works best for you!

4). Hair Removal!
I am very lucky to have blonde hair. Most of the hair on my arms and legs are pretty light but I'm still all about hair removal. If I could be bald all areas aside from my head, I'd be a happy camper. I am also pretty lazy when it comes to this subject too. I don't like to shave, it takes too much time and effort. So I have made the switch over to waxing and laser hair removal. It's effective and lasts a lot longer! Laser hair removal can be fairly expensive but I always look through groupon for great deals and have found some great stuff!

5). Workout Routine!
I am always working out. Between running, yoga, etc. I am a busy bee and love to stay in shape. In the summertime with short-shorts, tank tops and bathing suit time we always like to stay a little more fit which is sometimes hard to do with all those BBQ's and sugary summer cocktails so I've recently added another level of workout to my plan! The Bikini Body Guide from Kayla Itsines! I've had great results so far but I do warn you, it is insanely hard and definitely takes hard work and dedication! Check it out right here: 

6). Summer Wardrobe Essentials!
There are a few things I am always needing through the summer when it comes to wardrobe and accessories! I need a big floppy summer hat, a sun umbrella, a big beach bag in a cute print that will match everything, some great sunnies and a comfy simple pair of flip flops! 

Hope this list has helped you think of some ways you can help prep yourself for summer and that you all have some great plans for this season!! 

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