Friday, April 4, 2014

Lace and Mint!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Hope you've had a great week! A new dress arrived in the mail yesterday that I couldn't wait to share with you! I'm working with Sensation of Night to share with you this super cute piece! They've been great to work with and have some great stuff that's very reasonably priced, I especially recommend checking out their swimwear! Anyways, this dress fits like a glove and is very comfy, a little on the short side but maybe that's just me getting older and not feeling crazy comfortable in anything that short anymore but it's still a great look! Perfect little baby-doll style! I also wanted to show off my new spring bag from Target as well which is the perfect price, color and size! So excited about this new addition to my wardrobe as well! Hope you like it! Enjoy!

Dress - Sensation of Night (found here)
Shoes: So old I can't even remember! (similar found here)
Socks: H&M
Sunnies: Amazon (found here)
Bag: Target (found here)
Necklace: Forever21 (similar found here)

Sensation of Night swimwear found here!

 photo Signoff_zps119533a8.jpg


  1. Such a cute dress! I love it, especially in contrant with the minty colors of the bag and necklace. And your hair is lovely!

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  2. This dress is awesome! Love the combination of mint green necklace.

  3. Love your new mint accessories Adrienne! That bag is fabulous! And that lace dress looks so pretty on you! Have a great weekend girlie!

  4. Love your bag!


  5. love this! please check out my blog at

  6. loving the colors and that necklace!

  7. Gorgeous color combo! I also love the knee high socks

  8. Adrien, there is sth 60'y about that ensemble, just love it :-)


  9. Love the bag! Definitely following you now, feel free to check out my blog if you want :)


  10. Great look!

  11. The pops of blue into the black lace dress are looking so stunning!



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