Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Essentials!

Hey everyone! So fall is always an excuse to buy more fall essentials...mandatory pieces for your closet and the main two things that always come to mind for me are a good pair of boots that can actually be worn in cold/wet/muddy weather as well as a good jacket that keeps you nice and cozy! Coming from Ontario, I've grown up always very aware of what your outwear says about your look seeing as you are seen more in your jacket and hat than you are in the outfit that is underneath during the fall and winter months! I grabbed this jacket form and couldn't be happier with my purchase....a $40 coat that is warm and cute is a total steal in my books! The jacket itself can be found here, it also comes in a few other prints! My new boots are by Timberland and I am so in love with them as they are super comfy, have a great tread to them, are waterproof and still have a good little heel on them....perfect little fall boot that is casual but still somewhat stylish! They can be found on right here! My jeans are Rockstar Skinnies from Old Navy, bag is Olivia+Joy, hat is from H&M and my sunnies were purchased off of Amazon! Hope you like it! Enjoy!

 photo Signoff_zps119533a8.jpg


  1. Love your jacket :) It's a great outfit.

  2. Yes! I love love love your jacket! And you pulled all the pieces together so great!
    Kat |


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