Saturday, February 16, 2013

Retro Mint!

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! So as of right now I'm loving high-waisted retro inspired shorts! If you find a pair that fits you like a glove they are super cute and can be quite flattering! Most of this outfit is from good old Forever 21! The shoes are from H&M and sunnies are form Aldo but thats it! Everything else is from Forever 21 and the entire outfit was put together for about $75! Hope you like it! Enjoy! xo


  1. Those shorts look so fun! Love this retro outfit!I am really digging those sunglasses too. Mint just be my new favorite color! lol


  2. Adrienna, I am so obsessed with mint and cant wait to wear all my items for spring. That high waisted short has that 60's vibe, love it so much


  3. Love those retro mint shorts! Super cute girl:)!!

  4. Love this retro look!



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