Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Winter Wish List!

Hello everyone! Just a little post as I've been dreaming about how to stylishly winterize my wardrobe as I'm sure a lot of people are doing these days and I've come up with a couple staples that should be in your closet this winter season! Faux fur is everywhere whether it be a collar, cape, vest or full jacket it's a definite must-have! One item in particular I'm loving is the faux fur pill box hat! They have a great vintage feel to them and glamorous look overall! Another idea to warm up a dull winter wardrobe is grab some colorful leather gloves! Ditch the blacks and browns and grab something bright and bold! For general everyday layering an infinity scarf is great! A chunky knit or something with some fun pattern always steps up a fall or winter outfit! Of course last but not least try an oversize beanie hat with a pom-pom or some more faux fur or if you're more of a ear-warmer gal try looking through Etsy for some homemade beauties! Something with a bow, twist, braid or flower crochet always is a great addition and an eye-grabber from onlookers! Hope this helps with your wardrobe! Enjoy! xo

1. Forever 21 - Found here!
2. Neiman Marcus - Found here!
3. Etsy - Three Bird Nest - Found here!
4. Nordstrom - Found here!
5. Forever 21 - Found here!
6. Old Navy - Found here!
7. Country Store - Found here!
8. eCrater - Found here!
9. ASOS - Found here!
10. ASOS - Found here!
11. Etsy - Three Bird Nest - Found here!


  1. Me encanta el número 2!!! Tienes muy buen gusto, se nota al ver esta wishlist ;)) Así que, ya que he descubierto tu blog, me quedo por aquí como seguidora!
    Un besito guapa

  2. Love the list - fur, leather and knits, it's all you need!!! Thank you for visiting my blog!! I'm not following you on GFC!!

    xx Marla

  3. Just got my fur vest! So excited, but I have a lot of these others on my list, too

    Xo, Rachel
    Glitzy Blues

  4. I am obsessed with the bow headbands! I just found one at Target, yep Target! They have lots of colors too! Newest follower.

  5. Nice wish list! Pair of new glows is my target now!

  6. I agree, I just love faux fur for winter. I can't get enough, and wear it all the time!

    xo Jenny

  7. Ooh I wanted that beanie from Asos last year, I'm so glad it's back!


  8. your wish list just became my wish list. lol. I want everything. So fabulous. Thanks for sharing, love. If you get a sec, I'm giving away a $375.00 handbag as a giant thank you. I'd love if you'd enter. xo


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